“Jody Raso brings a gentle light to her students before, during, and after her classes. Before class begins, she makes time to listen to what her students are dealing with in their lives, whether a physical injury or an emotional challenge. She opens her classes with a quote or theme to meditate upon and every time, it resonates in the heart. During class, she takes great care in guiding her students in being mindful of what feels right for them in that moment, regardless of experience level or age. She closes her classes with a reiki-guided shoulder press and a sincere appreciation of sharing yoga with her students. Jody has encouraged me as a person to let go and to laugh often, and I am grateful for her.”

~ Lisa Ryan-Herndon


“I had always wanted to try Reiki, but was never sure how to go about it. In 2009, I met Jody Raso. It was more than a coincidence that during my time of need, I met her. I consulted Jody because I had issues with a medical condition and also lower back pain. During our sessions, she was able to put me at ease. I felt much relief during and after our Reiki healing. I had several sessions with Jody and was able to work through some issues that I was never able to talk about with anyone else before. I don’t know which part of the healing, Reiki or her superb counseling, cured me, but it did. After my last medical check up, my condition cleared and I have had a clean bill of health ever since! I credit my healing to Jody and her skills and suggest anyone on the fence about Reiki healing to give Jody a try. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you so much, Jody!”

~ M. Leung


“Jody Raso has been extremely influential in my life and my children’s life. She always assisted my children and others no matter what the issue may have been with positive reinforcement. Jody is very talented and insightful. She is kind, compassionate and empowering in her line of work. She has a delightful sense of humor, and has tremendous integrity.”

~ Vanessa J.


“I had been out of my yoga practice for a few years when I decided to try Jody’s beginner Vinyasa class. Upon meeting Jody I instantly felt a sense of calm and warmth from her. I enjoyed her class so much that I returned the following week and have been returning to her classes 2-3 times per week for the past 8 months. This is a testament to Jody’s gentle, supportive approach to teaching yoga. There’s not supposed to be any judgement in the practice of yoga and that is truly the case when you are working with Jody. Jody encourages and empowers her students to take their yoga practice off the mat and I have learned a great deal from her in a very short time. It was my good fortune to walk into her class that first evening. I am truly grateful for her.”

~ Tori C.


“Having suffered from lower back pain from some herniated disks I always wanted to try yoga but never knew where to start. Calm and patient, Jody is always there to help you learn a new position, help to modify one as needed, and she always makes sure you are in the proper position. That was especially important to me as a beginner with some back issues. I also had the pleasure of working with Jody throughout my pregnancy this past year. I took her class up until the very end and Jody was always helping me to modify positions for my belly and gave me tons of helpful birthing & pre-natal information. Each week Jody would come to class with additional stretches and positions for me to help with some of my pregnancy pains/soreness and even helped me to develop a birthing plan for me. I used a lot of what Jody taught me in my labor, especially the breathing and body positions, which helped me both mentally and physically get through the birth.”

~ Stacey T.


“Jody Raso is an outstanding yoga teacher. She has a gift of making yoga a learning experience-intellectually and physically. Each class begins with breathing and a mini-lecture of some informative aspect of yoga-usually what will be emphasized during the class. This time allows the participants to relax and “wind down” from the day’s activities before we began more complex yoga moves. Additionally, Ms. Raso is aware of each student’s weak areas and provides alternate instruction regarding ways a student can participate with the move or position without injury. I really appreciate this because of a stiff joint in my hip! She possesses a real enthusiasm and dedication to yoga that is evident. It is a pleasure to be led by an instructor who is competent, professional and pleasant.”

~ Frances